NativeJourneys.org is a website with a mission to provide positive examples of individual Native American success to help guide Native American youth today (both on and off the reservation).

The long term goal of NativeJourneys.org is to be a searchable library of journeys or interviews from Native American adults (role models/mentors) to allow Native American youth to find and self-select the person that interest them.  This will give Native American youth the ability to reach out and make a personal connection with someone like them.  Simply click on the Native Journeys List here or from the website menu (you will need to request a password first using the Request Access page).

Native American business and technical professionals are busy and have limited time, by using the the power this website and time-shifted learning we can connect youth to those that can positively influence their future. 

We are investing our personal resources in the NativeJourneys.org website in the hope one day it will become a valuable way to connect Native American people .  We are looking forward to building a great guiding resource for our native youth to become successful in the world today.

– Dominic & Jolynn Pruitt

* If you are a business or technical professional and would like to submit a native journey please fill out the questions on the Submit a Native Journey page.